Saturday, June 6, 2015

LCAC Model

This LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushioned) model is also part of the lobby display. It is a 1/72 scale kit.

Submarine Torpedo Room

This model will show the port torpedo tube bank from a Los Angeles class SSN. I am gluing the hull to the frames here.

Decorative models for work

I have not posted in awhile I have been working on some models for the lobby of my work. We moved into a anew facility and I came up with a decorating scheme that includes some models. This is a cutaway of a submarine sail which when complete will have a HDR (High Data Rate) antenna bay with the mast.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

U-575 Mock up with aircraft

 Using Styrofoam boards to mock up the plane location,

 I had planned on having a back ground on the lexan case with this diorama. However the lighting would cause a shadow in many situations so I am going to go with just the clear case as I originally envisioned.

FFG-36 Final details

Adding the PE rigging to the main mast, The signal flag lines to the main mast will be next.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

FFG-36 Railings Complete!

 Today I completed all of the railings and safety lines. I did not drop a single one on the floor. Usually I spend about half my time looking for tiny pieces with a magnifying glass on the floor.

Next step is to touch up paint the numerous photo etch details were paint did not stick or was missed due to holding with tweezers. Add the rigging and the ship model will be done. I will then mount in the base and add the ships wake and finish the sea detail.

FFG-36 Rework

I reworked the davit assemblies on the roof end of the hangers. The kit parts were way to high. See the top image. After looking at actual photos I corrected the height and re-installed them. See bottom photo.